Beginning a journey…

Yesterday in my sermon I was encouraging the people of our congregation to blow the cobwebs off of wonder. My premise for saying this was that often I experience people as having lost their sense of wonder at the goodness, mercy, and grace of God as they had been displayed on the cross, and in the resurrection of Jesus. I made a big point that the gospel really is good news and that the place we must constantly return to in order to be reminded of the goodness of this good news is the Bible.

I asked people to re-engage with the gospel and seek out the wonder of it all again. To help the people of our church in that pursuit I gave them all a copy of the gospel of John and the book of 1 John (in one little booklet volume). Having done this, I encouraged them to read it in the coming days and weeks.

What will follow on this blog in the weeks ahead, are some of the thoughts and reflections that I pull together as I read alongside the congregation. My hope is that they will be a benefit to anyone who reads them and that they will encourage the people of my congregation in their journey with the gospel.


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